Our story

Donuts made vegan and by hand

A donut that's not only vegan but also really well made and simply delicious
–that's the vision that started it all.

Hi, I'm Jones!

Baking doesn't have to be boring! After finishing my traditional training as a baker, I quickly realized that the world of standard bakeries isn't for me. I want to implement my own ideas and make a difference in the world. Especially when it comes to vegan food, bakeries out there still leave a lot to be desired–but there's so much potential for my craft in more alternative ingredients!

Back to Stuttgart with baking inspiration from all over the world

After I had finished my training as a baker in Stuttgart, I originally wanted to go into the field of food technology. Instead, I re-discovered my passion for baking when I took a job in a bakery. I wanted to create something new and get it out there into the world of baked goods. I continued working at bakeries and confectioneries–and ended up craving change instead of pastries. So many ideas were waiting to be made out of dough and glaze! Before I could do that, however, I needed a pinch of inspiration and as much impressions as I could find. So I started my journey: In Paris, London, Copenhagen and many other cities, I got a taste of bakeries and cafés, exchanged knowledge with the owners and colleagues there and tried all kinds of delicious baked goods. After a consulting job in Bangkok and several stops in Miami and San Diego, I happened to try a vegan donut in Los Angeles. A single bite was enough–I immediately knew this was going to be my product.

Welcome to donut, bagel & mylkshake paradise!

It is exactly this taste and experience that I would like to bring to my hometown, Stuttgart. I am sure that it will inspire you just as much as me! That's why at Jones Donuts, the donuts not only have cool names, but are also baked really well.

Vegan and good for the environment & region

Everything we offer is 100% vegan, donuts and bagels as well as mylkshakes and drinks such as cappuccino and matcha latte. So you can enjoy with a clear conscience towards animals and the environment.

Speaking of the environment: Our donut transporter is of course 100% electric, the donut boxes can be reused, our coffee cups are made of 100% paper, and the mylkshake cups as well as straws are made of cornstarch–which looks just like plastic, but is made of natural raw materials.

We get the flour for our donuts from a regional manufacturer, the Heimatsmühle in Aalen. And if some delicious baked goods have not yet found a hungry donut fan at the end of the day, we donate leftovers directly to the Schwäbische Tafel Stuttgart e.V.